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Cardiac Risk in the Young

Every week in the UK 12 young people die from undiagnosed cardiac problems during sport. The IOC advise all people competing in sport to have cardiac tests to rule out some of these conditions

The ASA England Talent Development Programme will be testing their National Level 3 swimmers in Coventry on Saturday 17th September 2011. They have some spare capacity and are able to offer testing for athletes from all aquatic disciplines. You can find further details here. If you would like to look at alternative times and venues please see CRY below.

Cardiac Risk in the Young

CRY holds ECG screening clinics for those aged 14 to 35 at a number of established locations around the UK including Belfast, Cardiff, Colchester, Liverpool and London. The CRY mobile screening unit facilitates various screening events at other locations in the UK - often organised by CRY supporters. Please take a look at their website here - http://www.c-r-y.org.uk/ecg.htm

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