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How to Get Recruited by a College Team in Water Polo in the USA

Some UK players are now choosing to take their degree in the states so they can focus on their water polo at the same time as taking a degree. It's not easy to get accepted. Typically they will be looking for players who have represented GB. Below is some information that is advising players who already live in the states, but it may be of some use.

Most athletes who compete in high school water polo dream of making the college water polo team, or better yet, even being recruited by colleges for their team. If an athlete promotes himself properly, he has a much better chance of being noticed by a college, and being recruited by the water polo team.


1. Obtain letters of recommendation from coaches. Any high school coaches as well as recreational coaches can write these letters of recommendation to the college. They should be positive, and define the athlete's traits that will benefit him on the college level.

2. Attend any camps or events sponsored by the college. Training camps hosted by the college are a great way to get to know the coaching staff, as they are usually the same as the regular college teams' coaches. Any event hosted by the college is a great way to get noticed to be recruited.

3. Clip newspaper articles. Save anything that highlights personal or overall team achievements.

4. Collect video footage. Include footage of matches in general, as well as those that focus on the skill sets of the athlete. Recruiters and coaches watch these videos in order to evaluate whether the athlete has the ability to compete on the next level.

5. Volunteer in the community. Volunteering is a great resume builder, and it's for a good cause. Coaches and recruiters take interest in an athlete who is humble enough to help others.

6. Return requested information to the college as quickly as possible. Timeliness is of utmost importance. Any information that the college requests from the athlete and his coaches should be returned promptly. This speeds up the decision process, and helps them decide to recruit the athlete.

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