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Water Polo Camps

National Water Polo Academy

Saturday 18th –Thursday 23rd August 2012

MiniPolo KidsMillfield School

Coaching sessions with the best athletes from around the country in the 1997-98 age group. The opportunity to work with and to get regular feedback from National Team Coaches. Improvement of your Water Polo Skills. An introduction to Strength & Conditioning by Sports Science experts. Interaction with other like-minded athletes from all around the UK. A chance to experience a National Squad based training camp.

Hungarian Water Polo Camp in Malta

Runs through June to August 2012

If You are the expectant of our sport and would like to develop your water polo skills, knowledge of English language then you can do it with us during your summer vacation.

Our international camp is an outstanding opportunity for you to build borderless friendship and connections, have recreation and discover this beautiful island Malta through our colourful programs as well. Tell it to your buddy and girlfriend, too! You are welcome with love!


Tommerup Vandpolo Camp in Denmark

2nd to 6th July 2012

The camp is aimed at players aged U13, U15 and U17

The cost is 2100 DKK (approx £240)

Webpage http://tskfyn.dk/CMS/ProfileEventEnrollment.aspx?EventID=19

For further information please contact Karl Emil Greve by email:


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