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Water Polo Governing Bodies


ASAThe ASA is the English national governing body for water polo. It was formally known as the Amateur Swimming Association.

The ASA is the governing body for five sports:

  • water polo

  • swimming

  • diving

  • synchronised swimming

  • open water

The ASA is split into 8 regions



FinaFINA is the International Federation responsible for overseeing international competition in water polo. It is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Members are grouped by continent and there are 5 continental associations:
• African Swimming Confederation (CANA)
• Swimming Union of the Americas (ASUA)
• Asian Amateur Swimming Federation (AASF)
• European Swimming League (LEN)
• Oceania Swimming Association (OSA)



LENLEN (European Swimming League) is the European governing body for aquatic sports affiliated to FINA. LEN comprises 51 national swimming federations in Europe. Their headquarters are in Luxembourg. LEN run the European Water Polo Championship. LEN also runs various other cups in water polo. British Swimming is a member federation of LEN.
British Swimming
British Swimming is the national governing body of water polo in the United Kingdom. British Swimming is a federation of the national governing bodies of England (ASA), Scotland (SASA) and Wales (WASA).


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