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Water Polo People

These are water polo people that make a difference, however large or small to the sport of water polo. You can add to this list ..... nominate a coach or player (any age) below. Coaches and parents can add players that deserve a mention and players and parents can add outstanding coaches. You can even add yourself!
All good fun.....

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Water Polo Player Profiles

British Men’s Water Polo Team

Craig Figes
Matt Holland
Adam Scholefield
Glen Robinson
Ciaran James
Sean Ryder
Sean King
Mike Bourne
Jack Waller
Ed Scott
Richard Lawlor

British Women’s Water Polo Team

Dan Laxton
Joe O'Regan
Rob Parker
Ed Scott
Ryan Bailey
Tamás Kásás
Aleksandar Sapic
Gergely Kish
Tom Hoad
John Mann
Rosie Morris
Robyn Nicholls
Fiona McCann
Frankie Snell
Claire Nixon
Angie Winstanley-Smith
Fran Leighton
Vicki Bowen
Alex Rutlidge
Beckie Kershaw
Ciara Gibson-Byrne
Chloe Wilcox
Fran Clayton

Brenda Villa
Igor Milanovic
Rachel Drabble

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