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Water Polo Quotes

Quote A perfect water polo athlete can be best described as having the over-arm accuracy of a baseball pitcher, the vertical of a volleyball player, the toughness of a rugby and hockey player, the endurance of a cross-country skier and the strategy of a chess player. Of course, to find a player of this ability is difficult.Quote

QuoteGood Water Polo players have strong legs, great players have crazy strong legs.Quote

QuoteNo pads, No helmets, No protection... Just Men with BALLS!Quote

QuoteIf it was easy everyone would do it!Quote

QuoteWater polo players are.. swimmers with balls!Quote

QuoteWe know how to handle our balls!Quote

QuoteNo horses, No sticks, Just balls.Quote

QuoteIt takes balls to play this game!Quote

QuoteGot Balls?Quote

QuoteIf I could walk on water this would be a lot easier.Quote

QuoteWater Polo: the stamina of a marathon, the contact of hockey, the strategy of chess.Quote

QuoteWater Polo: Kicking, punching, bighting, fighting, ball grabbing, put it in the whole and score kind of a game.Quote

QuoteDon't mess with the waterpolo team because we are tighter than our suits which are 4 times too smallQuote

QuoteWe swim because we are too awesome for a sport that requires clothes.Quote


Quotes by Igor Milanovic

Igor played for Yugoslavia in the early 80’s when Yugoslavia won two Olympic Gold Medals.

QuoteWhen you think that your legs are strong – do more. You will dominate this game if your legs are the strongest in the pool.Quote

QuoteNever be lazy when you pass or shoot. Think about your body positioning and balance in the water all the time. Pass and shoot in practice like you are going to pass and shoot in a game. Use your legs and be intense.Quote

QuoteBe a good team mate – when you help a team mate you are in a sense helping yourself. Take pride in making good passes.Quote

QuoteHere is my biggest secret as a shooter – I tried to make my first fake a part of receiving the ball. Quote

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