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Brentwood Water Polo Club

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GoPoloBuccaneers Water Polo

Club Introduction

Like swimming? Go Polo!

That’s the message from Go Polo, a junior water polo club based in Brentwood, Essex, aimed at children between the ages of eight and 12. Go Polo works with local schools to introduce this great sport in a fun and safe environment. There is also an older section of this club called Buccaneers.

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Nicki - 07736 460 302

Dave - 07761 277 581

Training Details



Brentwood Leisure Centre

U-16s (mixed, born 1995 or later) and U-18s (born 1993 or later) train at Brentwood Leisure Centre between 8.15 and 9.30pm.


3.40 – 4.40pm at Billericay School Pool

4.00 – 5.00pm at Brentwood County High School

Brentwood County High School - Beginners session (aged 12-14) 6-7pm.
Development: U-12s (mixed, born 1999 or later) and U-14s (mixed, born 1997 or later): 7pm -8pm






10 - 11am at St Helen's School




Brentwood Leisure Centre
Doddinghurst Road
CM15 9NN

ASA Region
London Swimming

London Regional Training Centre (Basildon)

Coaches Names and Qualifications

Nicole Martin

A a highly experienced swimming teacher who started the country’s first junior school water polo breakfast club.

Dave Warriner

An experienced water polo player, Level 2 coach and the ASA East Region’s Water Polo Development Officer.

Matt Dempsey

National League water polo player, Essex junior coach and a teacher at Brentwood County High School.

Michael Chadwick

Level 2 coach and National League player.

Player and Parent Reviews

This isn't a review exactly but it's a lovely piece by Liz Wade in her Family Days Out Blog

Go Polo, Brentwood

CLUBS and sports are a great way to keep kids amused, including my two, who are more than happy to spend hours at badminton or football.

While there are lots of places to go with the kids, from parks to pools, there are also a wide range of sporting opportunities throughout the area that offer just as much fun.

Not only do they help promote a healthy lifestyle, they also teach children to work as part of a team - a great asset.

Both Joseph and Joshua are always up for trying something new, whether it’s scuba diving, kayaking or some high rope action, so I thought a taster session at water polo would be just right for them – mixing their love of swimming and scoring goals.

We joined Go Polo at one of its Saturday sessions at St Helen’s Junior School in Brentwood.

The junior water polo club, aimed at introducing eight to 12-year-olds to the sport in a fun environment, runs two breakfast clubs, an after-school club and a Saturday club.

While its breakfast clubs are only open to pupils at two local Brentwood schools, its after-school and Saturday clubs are open to anyone.

The boys were eager to get into the pool at the Saturday club and joined the other kids for a range of warm up exercises and skill training.

Their coaches - Dave, an experience player, coach and water polo development officer for the area, and Nicki an experienced swimming teacher - explained they would be concentrating on swimming skills during the first half, before playing a game during the second half of the session.

The boys joined straight in and found it funny trying to push a float under the water and attempting to balance on it with one foot.

It was then time to split into two teams - one for the boys and one for the girls - and pass a ball backwards over their heads as they raced to be the first across the pool then back.

They then had to control the ball as they swam in and out of a line of their team mates, until they reached the end - a water version of football dribbling.

Next up was shooting skills, where they had to swim up to one goal and shoot, before grabbing their ball again, swimming across the pool and shooting at the other goal on the opposite side.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the training and were pleased to hear it was time for a game of water polo - their first ever.

While they frowned at the funny hats they had to wear, they did eventually get them on and joined opposite teams.

They took their places in the match and joined in, passing to team players and trying to score goals. They even got a chance to have a go in goal.

There was only one apparent problem they had, and that was keeping both their hands off the ball! It seemed the habit of throwing a ball onto a football pitch with both hands was particularly hard to break, and led them to giggling as they repeatedly made the error in a game where they were only allowed to use one hand on the ball.

The boys got on very well during their first attempt at water polo, and they thought the sport was a lot of fun.

In fact, it was nice to see all the kids, including an even mixture of both boys and girls, thoroughly enjoying the session.

While complete water polo beginners can try out with the club, children wanting to take part must be able to swim and water confident, as they will need to be able to tread water and spend time in the deep end.

So if your kids like swimming, playing sports as part of a team, and shooting at goals - and don’t mind wearing funny hats in the process - then water polo may be for them.


I really like swimming so I thought water polo was really good. We tried out all the skills, like swimming along with the ball, shooting at the goal, and even balancing on a float, before we took part in a match. We had to wear this funny hat which had things that went over your ears.

Me and Joshua were on opposite teams and we both tried scoring goals and I even got the chance to be in goal.

I really liked water polo. It was a lot of fun.


We went to this swimming pool at a school in Brentwood and had a go a water polo. You have to be a good swimmer to do it though, because sometimes I couldn’t touch the floor of the pool.

I got on OK though and dribbled with the ball in the water, tried throwing the ball at the goal and took part in some relay games as well, when we had to compete against each other in teams, passing the ball.

I enjoyed doing water polo and would like to do it again.

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